Everyone who is in marina area is obliged to comply with the rulles of marina order established by the "Rulebook on order in the port and the conditions of use of the port in the area of TŠL Baška Voda".

It is forbidden in the port:

I. Disable access to mooring devices

II. Relocate, change and remove berths and devices of another vessel except when necessary to prevent immediate and obvious damage or when necessary due to the arrival or departure of the vessel in special conditions and in all other situations only with the permission of the Port Authority

III. Tie vessels to navigable and other markings, devices and devices that are not intended for mooring

IV. Unauthorized installation, relocation, alteration, removal or damage to navigation and other mooring marks or devices

V. Damage operational shores with heavy vehicles, by placing heavy objects over the permitted load, driving wedges, beams, etc. into the shore, and lifting stones from the shore walls to perform any other action that causes damage to the port area

VI. Light a fire on an open AIR OR the shore or on a vessel

VII. Weld, clean and scrape and paint the surface or underwater part of the vessel's hull outside the designated areas ***

VIII. Perform on the vessel works of repair and reconstruction of the formwork, deck, equipment and machine outside the usual activities ***

IX. Keep the ship's propeller running, except to perform the required ship's maneuver

X. Fishing, swimming, diving, gliding, windsurfing, towing or learning to water ski

XI. Use the ship's toilet

XII. Walk pets without leash and equipment to collect their feces

XIII. Keep a boat or yacht on BOAT RAMP on which no work is being done

XIV. In any way damage the property of the port, endanger the safety of navigation, human lives and the environment

XV. It is forbidden to have a 220V cable plugged into a power outlet while the crew is not on

board. When leaving the boat, the cable must be disconnected from the socket.

XVI. Disturb nighttime peace from 22:00 to 08:00

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